Diploma of Biblical Studies

This course is a presentation of the main doctrines of the Christian faith. Topics covered in this 4 volume course include:
  1) The Holy Scriptures

  2) The Divine Godhead

  3) The Gospel of Christ

  4) The Plan of Salvation

  5) The Christian Life

  6) The Church

  7) The Plan of The End

  8) Recognizing False Doctrines
**NOTE** No need to spend hours looking up the study scriptures. All of the verses are printed within the study booklets. We have selected passages in order to give a broad overview and working knowledge of the entire Bible. After completing this course, mail the answer sheets back to ABC for grading. Upon passing grade, a Diploma of Biblical Studies will be issued.


Study on your own schedule and at your own pace. Please don't hurry. Remember your goal is to learn, not just to finish the course quickly.


The grading system for Africa Bible College is as follows:
  93-95 % = A

  85-92% = B

  77-84% = C

  70-76% = D

  00-69% = F